Our work speaks for itself

We’ve helped professional service firms highlight their talent and success for more than a decade. Here are a few of our stories:

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Evolving an investment expert from thought leader to preeminent source

An investment expert at the wealth management offset of a multinational investment bank was interested in utilizing media to boost their reputation and visibility as a thought leader in the competitive investment space. 

Over the course of a multiyear engagement, our team consistently created, maintained and refreshed comprehensive media lists with hundreds of reporters, regularly monitored the media for breaking stock market and economic news, identified monthly economic events of importance well in advance for consideration and executed a highly successful outreach strategy to position our client quickly and efficiently on reporters’ radars. This approach minimized the client’s time commitment while maximizing coverage.

As a result of our partnership, the investing expert was repeatedly quoted in The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fortune, Reuters, CNN, CNBC, MarketWatch and regularly appeared on various CNBC financial broadcast programs and Yahoo Finance Live. Additionally, reporters often sought us out directly to arrange interviews and consistently called on the expert for insights given their established reputation as a reliable, trustworthy source.

Supporting a trust during a highly sensitive situation

A trust formed to help determine and distribute billions in damages owed to tort victims throughout California. The trust managers utilized our crisis PR expertise to connect with victims and the media in a way that was thoughtful and sensitive to victims’ ongoing hardships.

Our team worked with trust officials and attorneys to outline and execute an extensive media strategy that involved establishing the trust’s purpose. We helped outline the legal requirements and limitations for victims who had questions and reservations about the process. We stressed transparency when communicating information to victims and media personnel, including widespread, regular updates on the status and figures for repayment, resulting lawsuits filed by the trust to secure additional victim funds and other noteworthy developments.

As a result, the trust’s messaging reached a majority of victims or victims’ families, who were able to follow the outlined process and fill out the necessary information required by law to receive their claims figure and begin recouping damages and rebuilding their lives. 

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Reaching prospective clients through media

One of the nation’s largest certified public accounting and business advisory firms wanted to promote key players on its wealth management team to build their reputations as thought leaders and increase visibility around their services and respective expertise.

Zumado worked with the subject-matter experts and firm marketing contacts to drill down on media areas of interest, monitored news cycles for idea generation and to maintain and refresh media lists with the most up-to-date contacts and conducted regular outreach to place the experts on reporters’ radars and establish them as credible, reliable sources.

The media strategy resulted in coverage of the subject-matter experts in major national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Yahoo Finance, CNBC and Barron’s, with the firm reporting they have secured prospective client meetings as a direct result of their presence as a source in an article.

Publicizing a new firm launch

A small team of highly accomplished intellectual property attorneys in the Silicon Valley area were looking to make the move from BigLaw to launching and running their own IP boutique.

Our team worked directly with the firm’s managing partner and key members of support staff to understand the desires behind launching a boutique, identifying and mitigating potential media areas of sensitivity when leaving a prior employer and getting a feel for the type of culture and community the firm was looking to establish. With that background on hand, we developed and executed a complete media plan, which included a press release; messaging; a law firm fact sheet; a targeted, comprehensive media list and a day-of-launch timeline for social media announcements.

The launch announcement resulted in an exclusive arranged interview with a reporter at a leading legal publication, as well as coverage in a number of other key legal publications. We also secured placement in San Francisco-based business outlets – including recognition on a reputable business journal’s list of Silicon Valley-based IP boutiques within days of the firm’s formal announcement.

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Distinguishing a firm from the competition

One of the world’s leading intellectual property brokerage firms focusing on strategic patent consulting wanted to raise its profile in the market to distinguish itself from competitors. Its hope was to position itself as the No. 1 expert on patent licensing and the execution of creative IP strategies.

Our team developed messaging platforms and media themes, a database of top-tier media targets and a book of editorial calendars to facilitate a comprehensive media outreach strategy.  

The results of the targeted media briefings, prime speaking opportunities and media placements we arranged in local, national and legal media outlets exceeded all initial objectives. Awareness of the firm soared — evidenced by a sharp uptick in contact from prospective clients.

Showcasing a legal practice’s thought leadership

An existing client law firm asked us to publicize a practice area’s experience in navigating federal laws that provide funding for projects that must comply with numerous employment, tax, environmental and related federal requirements. To help meet the firm’s goals, we developed a strategy to submit targeted thought leadership articles to local and national industry verticals.

In less than six months, we helped firm attorneys place articles in almost every relevant legal and industry publication resulting in a diverse array of marketing collateral to help publicize the firm’s knowledge and experience.  

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Establishing a company's technology as the gold standard

A VC-backed legal technology start-up providing software-as-a-service focused on IP litigation wanted to establish its services as the gold standard in the minds of its target audiences.

Zumado worked with the company’s executives to develop a comprehensive media plan with messaging, a robust editorial calendar of content and a targeted list of journalists and legal bloggers.

A steady drumbeat of newsworthy items resulted, solidly positioning the company and its executives as the go-to source for journalists covering the relevant space. The firm and its CEO are now recognized as pioneers and innovators in the field of IP litigation and continue to add AmLaw100 firms and major companies to its list of prestigious clients.

Positioning a healthcare org as leader in a turbulent industry

One of the country’s top-10 service providers in a specialized healthcare sector sought to gain an edge on the dominant industry players through a focused media and communications strategy designed to boost the company’s profile – and bottom line – during a time of projected high-growth for the organization and intense outside pressure because of the rapidly changing healthcare environment. 

Our team served dual roles as on-call communications advisor, drafting and executing complex internal and external communications strategies in response to both anticipated and unanticipated developments, including extensive C-Suite turnover. As public relations lead, we conducted effective day-to-day and targeted media relations campaigns resulting in meaningful high-profile coverage in local and national mainstream media as well as key trade publications. 

During engagement, the organization grew three-fold, successfully completed an internal reorganization and won numerous awards. Its leaders have become sought-after commentators and industry thought leaders. 

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Turning a negative into a positive

It’s not unusual for prospective clients to approach us seeking help in reversing negative public perception. Such was the case with a lawyer ratings website that became the defendant in a lawsuit not long after its debut, damaging the initially positive reputation it had earned among much of its target customer base of attorneys. 

Our team developed a framework of positive messaging from which to craft targeted pitches to key reporters, and quickly began to generate articles focusing on the fairness and usefulness of the rankings, rather on the criticism brought by the lawyers who had sued the company after receiving poor ratings on the site. 

The lawsuit was tossed out when a court decided the negative ratings the plaintiffs had received were not a basis for cracking down on the site. Our team secured an editorial in The Wall Street Journal supporting the site and placed additional positive articles in other influential national publications.

Bolstering a practice group's reputation

One of the nation’s top law firms, with a solid reputation for its work in bankruptcy and restructuring matters, wanted to further enhance its reputation by establishing its attorneys as retail bankruptcy leaders through the business and legal media.

Our team worked with the firm’s bankruptcy group to devise a series of bylined articles and a quick response plan for commentary on breaking bankruptcy-related news.

As a result, not only did the firm reach its target audience in the business and legal press, but top-tier national media outlets contacted the firm for insightful commentary as well. The head of the firm’s bankruptcy practice was ultimately asked to testify as a Chapter 11 bankruptcy expert before the House of Representatives’ Committee on the Judiciary’s Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law.

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